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Indicator design & poverty monitoring

Monitoring and Evaluating Empowerment
Client: World Bank
Location: Multi-country
The aim of this four-country initiative is to develop and pilot diagnostic tools that measure and analyze how specific country programs have impacted empowerment. In all four cases, “empowerment” refers primarily to the kind of engagement citizens have with government officials and service providers.  Our initial work has been mainly in Bangladesh where we are working with the national statistics agency to develop a new survey instrument that captures the empowerment dimension of poverty alongside economic indicators.  Using this new survey and related qualitative research we will help our local partners to investigate the impact of social safety net options on poverty reduction and to provide policy advice based on this evidence.

Identifying Sustainable Development Indicators
Client: DFID
Location: Multi-country
GYA has been a contributor to this study for the World Bank/DFID.  In addition to debating how to broaden the “three pillars of development” approach, we have been responsible for identifying how useful existing sustainable development indicators are in measuring Socially Sustainable Development and how best to enhance these.   This was presented at the WSSD in Johannesburg.

Developing Rights-Based Indicators
Client: DFID
Location: Multi-country
Participatory rights assessment methodologies (PRAMS) have been developed for DFID to strengthen identification of and work with poor and vulnerable groups.  GYA was asked to contribute to this process by analysing how existing poverty assessments use indicators to capture rights, to set out what makes rights indicators different from existing social and economic indicators and to identify implications for the PRAMS work.

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