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Performance Monitoring
Indicator Design
Participatory M&E
Proj & Prog Evaluation

Project & programme monitoring & evaluation

Best practice in policy monitoring & evaluation
Client: Defra
Location: UK
Defra recognised that systematic and effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of policy requires a number of conditions to be met – in terms of how M&E is used in the policy cycle and the M&E techniques themselves being fit for purpose.   The challenge of this project was to identify best practice across Whitehall, draw on international evidence, review existing Defra practice and recommend how to strengthen it.  To do this we reviewed an extensive body of literature but most importantly, undertook many interviews with both policy makers and analysts from the Cabinet Office and a number of government Departments.  Based on our findings we prepared recommendations for change, developed communications materials and worked with the client to bring practical proposals to the Management Board.

Identifying the impact of privatisation in Zambia
Client: GTZ
Location: Zambia
This study, conducted by a large team of both local and international GYA consultants, involved analysis of the macroeconomic environment, surveys of companies, the general public and retrenched workers.  Using both participatory (qualitative) and quantitative techniques we were able to identify winners and losers from the privatisation process.  In addition to advising policy makers on targeting of support the basis for an on-going monitoring system for vulnerable groups was established

Evaluation of World Wide Fund for Nature's People and Plants Initiative
Client: WWF
Location: Multi-country
This has involved working with national evaluators in three countries (Kenya, Nepal and Pakistan) to develop an evaluation framework with a pressure- state-response model as a starting point that can be adapted to local realities and used for evaluating livelihood and conservation outcomes and impacts over a twelve year period.   Indicators of impact have had to be defined as part of this process. Also involves a desk evaluation of the People and Plants Programme in a further 5 countries.

M&E of research communications
Client: DFID/Research Communications M&E Group
Location: UK
Working for a consortium of research organisations with DFID funding, Gil and Catherine Butcher undertook a desk study and interviews to prepare the background paper for a conference on this issue.  We have reviewed the evidence on achieving research impact and drawn on experience from areas ranging from health promotion to development practice.

Project and programme evaluations
Client: DFID
Location: many countries
We have either led or been team members in many inter-disciplinary evaluations in Cameroon (MCP, CFDP), Bolivia (CEAT), India (Oxfam), Honduras (CONSEFOR), Indonesia (Forestry Programmes) and in Mexico.

Applied research project evaluation
Location: Bangladesh
Mid-term evaluation of poverty-focused projects.  Working as the economist in a multi-disciplinary team, this involved reviews of four projects centre on community-based natural resource management.  Field visits and discussions with a wide range of local stakeholders were carried out.


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