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Understanding the implications of management decisions on soil organic matter and soil performance

Soils within the Catchment Sensitive Farming Programme: Delivering improvements in soil organic matter management
Client: Defra
Location: UK
GYA leads this project which is being implemented in partnership with Rotamsted Research.  This project that builds on our previous ground breaking research undertaken in partnership with Rothamsted Research, Cranfield University and ADAS that showed, for the first time, that in many situations improved management of soil organic matter resulted in significant financial benefits.  This project works in eight catchments across England to document how changing farming practice to manage soil organic matter (SOM) can bring financial benefits to farmers as well as important environmental benefits.  It explores innovative ways to encourgage change in soil management practices that will not only deliver financial benefits at the farm level but also improvements in soil quality that will improve our environment.

Quantifying Social and Economic Values of Soil Organic Matter (SOM) in the UK
Client: Defra
Location: UK
As part of a study led by GYA for Shell – that looked at the opportunities for an agricultural by-product as the raw material for a biofuel.  This study included an assessment of the implications of use of crop residues as a feedstock for bio-ergy on soil organic matter. GYA provided the social science and technical skills but also was asked to manage a project which required contracting leading scientific institutions for specific inputs.

Assessing the impact of using crop residues as a feedstock for a bio-fuel in the UK and Europe
Client: Shell Global Solutions
Location: UK
Working with Rothamsted Research, Cranfield University and ADAS, GYA undertook a ground breaking socio-economic study.  We interviewed over 120 UK farmers to identify indicators of soil organic matter status and the benefits of managing soil organic matter and worked with these farmers to put financial values on these benefits.

Analysis of pyrolysis based energy production and use of biochar as a soil amendment
Client: Cornell
Location: US
This project undertaken by John Gaunt as part of his Adjunct Professor appointment at Cornell University assess the energy balance of a pyrolysis based energy systems.  It specifically considers the implications for soil of using crop wastes and bio-energy crops as feedstocks for energy production by pyrolysis and with the use of bio-char products of pyrolysis as a value added soil amendment.

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