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Soil organic Matter
Low Carbon Opportunities

Evaluation of low carbon opportunities

Developing a proposal for Carbon Emissions Trading, based on avoided emission in Rice based cropping systems
Client: World Bank CF Assist
Location: US
The opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from rice based agriculture was identified as part of a review the coverage of environmental management issues in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) of the Government of Bangladesh, and developing background material for the Country Environmental Analysis (CEA).  Initial discussions confirmed that a project that sought to avoid emissions associated with rice production would be allowable under the CDM and could be supported, in principle, through the BioCarbon fund.  A mission to Bangladesh was supported by the World Bank through CF Assist, to explore further and promote the opportunity for carbon emissions trading project in this area.

Developing the VMS product
Client: GYA
Location: UK
GYA are currently developing VMS.  VMS provides an online facility to access:

  • A “farm management” database that records management information at a field, farm and enterprise level.  Including carbon (C) and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The “C status estimator” a tool to assess the likely benefits of changing soil organic matter management, that identifies representative “case studies” showing how others in similar situations have benefited from investing in the improvement of soil organic matter.
  • The “Financial return module” Having selected a case study of interested and this uses information on the farm land in question to calculate the likely financial return to the selected change in management.
  • “Manageable C range”  a tool that  presents actual soil C for a specific location against an indicative range for that location.  
  • “Active C’ a sensitive indicator that confirms rapidly (in agricultural terms) that a change in soil organic matter management is having the intended impact on soil C

Pyrolysis based energy production and use of biochar as a soil amendment
Client: Cornell
Location: US
Research to establish the greenhouse gas emissions and C emissions trading implications of using organic resources for energy production by pyrolysis and using the bio-char products of pyrolysis as a value added soil amendment in a wide range of agricultural situations.

Global Environment Facility Proposal for India SLEM GEF project
Client: lient: World Bank.  Agriculture and Rural Development South Asia / Environment and Social Sciences Dept. South Asia.
Location: US
Working on behalf of two departments of The World Bank (the Agriculture and Rural Development and the Environment and Social Sciences Department).  GYA developed an investment proposal ($20M) on behalf of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) that would leverage a project the National Agricultural Innovation Project ($250M) under development by the Indian Government and WB.  This assignment involved identifying the added value through additional environmental benefits that could be achieved through GEF funding including using mechanisms such as C emissions trading to add value to agricultural product.

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