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Supporting the production of poverty reduction strategies

Contributing to PEAP revision in Uganda
Client: Dfid
Location: Uganda
Working with a local team, GYA has recently led this study that makes the case for the environment and natural resource sector in terms of generating opportunities for pro-poor growth and reducing vulnerability.  This forms part of the PRSP revision process and involves working with representatives from agriculture (PMA and NAADs), forestry, fisheries and lands sub-sectors to produce an evidence-based case for the PEAP reform as well as making a high level presentation to the PEAP revision workshop.

Supporting development of Poverty Reduction Strategy in Bangladesh
Client: World Bank
Location: Bangladesh
GYA contributed to the Bangladesh Country Environmental Analysis (CEA).  This assignment involved reviewing the current knowledge of the status of soil quality and soil productivity in Bangladesh, consulting with Gov’t staff, researchers (both national and International), WB staff and other donors to identify issues to be addressed in order to introduce a soil quality monitoring programme, preparing communication materials (chapter for CEA report, review paper, briefs for WB staff and presentations for national level workshop) and facilitating working group to identify recommendations for future actions to be taken forward under the CEA..

Advising policy makers on links between environmental and economic development goals
Client: Dfid
Location: Multi-country
We have undertaken a number of policy studies in this area.  One of these examines how to mainstream the environment in programme and sector aid given by donors.  This has been published in the ODI NRP series.  A recent study considers how poverty reduction strategies should best take account of the role of natural resources in rural livelihoods.  The Ghana GPRS serves as a case study.

Reviewing progress against water and sanitation targets in the PRS 
Client: DFID
Location: Uganda
This project enables the Government and donors to track progress against sector targets and broader poverty reduction strategy targets.  We worked with international and local consultants as well as government officials.  Our specific responsibilities were: a review and comparison of the various qualitative and quantitative data sources available at national and district level for measuring water and sanitation sector performance; helping to review the systems and methodologies currently adopted by the sector for monitoring and evaluating sector performance, including institutional responsibilities; and an analysis of the trends in water and sanitation sector performance over the past decade using the indicators and data sources adopted.

Empowerment Indicators for PRS monitoring 
Client: World Bank
Location: Multi-country
The aim of this four-country initiative is to develop and pilot diagnostic tools that measure and analyze how specific country programs have impacted empowerment. In all four cases, “empowerment” refers primarily to the kind of engagement citizens have with government officials and service providers.  Our initial work has been mainly in Bangladesh where we are working with the national statistics agency to develop a new survey instrument that captures the empowerment dimension of poverty alongside economic indicators.  Using this new survey and related qualitative research we will help our local partners to investigate the impact of social safety net options on poverty reduction and to provide policy advice based on this evidence.


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