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Identifying new livelihood options

Eco-tourism as a development strategy
Client: Nando Peretti Foundation
Location: Romania
We were asked to identify the viability of eco-tourism as an alternative to quarrying in the Zãrneºti area of the Romanian Carpathian mountains.  To do this we forecast numbers of tour groups and expected visitors to a proposed horse riding and large-carnivore centre.  Financial analysis of the eco-tourism and quarrying options was undertaken and presented in terms of profitability, local revenue generation and employment creation.  We worked to communicate our findings to local and regional government.

Developing effective strategies for delivery of rural services and for the implementation of local arrangements to improve livelihoods
Client: DFID
Location: Bihar India and UK
John Gaunt of GYA led a significant research project on behalf of Rothamsted Research that brought together a partnership of UK researchers (University and BBSRC Institutes), International institutes, private sector development and Indian researchers.  During the life of the project the methods developed and tested by the project directly benefited over 5000 poor and socially disadvantaged people and new institutional arrangements for land and water management and service delivery are emerging in the project area.  Private sector and international donors have subsequently taken forward the methods for developed by the project in a number of States in India.

Identifying community financial returns from sustainable natural resource use
Client: DFID
Location: Camaroon
Working together with local researchers we have examined the viability of community based management of fuel wood and wildlife resources. This involved modelling wildlife populations in SW Cameroon under alternative policy scenarios and undertaken a detailed financial cost-benefit analysis for community members undertaking legal and illegal hunting (shooting and trapping).  The analysis clearly identifies the level of monitoring and control required to make sustainable wildlife use attractive to local people and how this can be financed by the sale of part of the illegal catch.

Artisanal & Small Scale Mining
Client: DFID
Location: Tanzania
Working with a local team in Tanzania and CDS, University of Wales in the UK, we led the economic analysis for a study of artisanal and small scale mining (ASM) in Tanzania.  It is generally assumed that ASM is a poverty trap and there are well-documented cases of child labour and environmental damage.  This study takes a detailed look at examples of small scale diamond and gold mining in three areas to establish how ASM affects local livelihoods (social, environmental, economic and institutional dimensions) and identifies where it contributes to poverty but also the opportunities for poverty reduction that it offers. 

Forest or Agriculture? The economic costs and benefits of alternative land use
Client: DFID
Location: Camaroon
Tropical forest is often a major source of biodiversity and much of this is lost when it is converted into agricultural use.  This research project reviews both the international literature and a detailed case study in Cameroon to identify when there is an economic case for forest conservation and how to raise the returns to sustainable land use for local people.

The potential use of carbon sequestration credits for forestry conservation
Client: DFID
Location: International/Cameroon
This applied research examined the potential for rural communities in developing countries to benefit from carbon sequestration targets in industrialised countries via agreements under the Kyoto Protocol and initiatives by the private sector.  After reviewing the international literature and a number of mini case studies, key recommendations for project development have been identified with emphasis on potential projects in the Mount Cameroon Region

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