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Poverty and social impact analysis

Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) and training
Client: Dfid
Location: Serbia
Working with stakeholders within and outside the Ministry we undertook an analysis of the likely impact of the introduction of VAT.  We provided training in analytical techniques to a number of staff but equally important was the increased awareness of and debate around poverty issues as a result of this work..

Mitigating the social impact of energy tariff reform
Client: Dfid
Location: Kyrgyzstan
As part of a large project to support energy tariff reform, GYA were brought in to work with local consultants to analyse the social impact of recent and proposed tariff changes in the electricity, district heating and coal supply sectors.  We then identified and costed options to minimise the social impact.  In addition to designing a national household survey, we used focus groups in many regions to help improve the targeting of subsidies and worked closely with policy makers to encourage uptake of the findings.

Analysing the social impact of proposed tariff reform
Client: ADB
Location: Philippines
We worked with local and international researchers to estimate the social impact of tariff reform in the Philippines electricity sector.  We use participatory and econometric techniques to estimate the additional costs and loss of welfare faced by domestic consumers, the gains to society from more efficient pricing and measures to mitigate the impact on vulnerable groups.

Social & Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA)
Client: Various
Location: Many countries
GYA has undertaken or contributed to many SEIA studies in the road construction and mining sectors.  We have a team of experienced social development professionals, economists and environmental scientists who work effectively in multi-disciplinary studies.  Examples of our work include ensuring mining projects meet Equator Principle standards in Africa and Asia and helping a large international engineering company to understand the likely impact of a national road maintenance programme in Southern Africa.

Identifying consumer Ability and Willingness to pay for improved water and electricity supplies
Client: Dfid
Location: Ghana & India
Working as part of an international consortium, GYA have been responsible for leading the design, monitoring and analysis of large contingent valuation studies in Ghana and India.    These surveys do more than provide estimates of willingness to pay as we also identify how existing services are used, consumer priorities for action and the ability to pay for service improvements.

Public consultation for water sector development
Client: Dfid
Location: Nigeria
We led the advisory input in this area, working with local consultants to design a system of public consultation that gives a voice to all sections of the community affected by water sector reform.  The aim is to improve the design of the new system, reduce marginalisation of the poor and to give confidence to private sector participants that the reform model is viable.

Identifying the impact of privatisation on the poor
Client: GTZ
Location: Zambia
We led a large team of both local and international consultants undertaking an analysis of the macroeconomic environment, surveys of companies, the general public and retrenched workers.  Using both participatory (qualitative) and quantitative techniques we were able to identify winners and losers from the privatisation process.  In addition to advising policy makers on targeting of support, the basis for an on-going monitoring system for vulnerable groups was established


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