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NR Uses and pro-poor growth

Natural resource use and pro-poor growth

Identifying community financial returns from sustainable natural resource use
Client: Dfid
Location: Cameroon
Working together with local researchers we have examined the viability of community based management of fuel wood and wildlife resources. This involved modelling wildlife populations in SW Cameroon under alternative policy scenarios and undertaken a detailed financial cost-benefit analysis for community members undertaking legal and illegal hunting (shooting and trapping).  The analysis clearly identifies the level of monitoring and control required to make sustainable wildlife use attractive to local people and how this can be financed by the sale of part of the illegal catch.

Forest or Agriculture? The economic costs and benefits of alternative land use
Client: Dfid
Location: Cameroon
Tropical forest is often a major source of biodiversity and much of this is lost when it is converted into agricultural use.  This research project reviews both the international literature and a detailed case study in Cameroon to identify when there is an economic case for forest conservation and how to raise the returns to sustainable land use for local people.

Mining Sector expansion and pro-poor growth: a social and environmental sector assessment
Client: World Bank
Location: Nigeria
GYA was asked by WAI to undertake the socio-economic component of this study.  We held discussions with officials in a number of States and assessed the conditions under which the poor would be likely to benefit from mining sector expansion.

Economic growth and sustainable natural resource use
Client: Dfid
Location: Ghana
Working with ISSER and other local consultants in this joint DFID-World Bank supported study we have produced an evidence-based case for the dependence of macro-economic growth on soil, water, forestry, wetland, wildlife and fishery resources.  We have made this case to Ministry of Finance policy makers at the most senior level and brought government and NGO stakeholders together to debate this issue - raising the profile of sustainable development in policy making.

Public Financial Management and the Forest and Environment Sector Programme (FESP)
Client: Dfid
Location: Cameroon
Undertaking a fiduciary risk assessment based on interviews with Government of Cameroon ministers and senior officials, IMF, World Bank and various bilateral donors to advise DFID on the options for financial support of the large multi-donor FESP.

Linking NR with poverty reduction in Uganda’s PRSP (PEAP)
Client: Dfid
Location: Uganda
Working with a local team, GYA led a study for the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Development in Uganda that makes the case for the environment and natural resource sector in terms of generating opportunities for pro-poor growth and reducing vulnerability.  This forms part of the PRSP revision process and involves working with representatives from the forestry, fisheries and lands sub-sectors to produce an evidence-based case for the PRSP reform


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