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Cost-benefit analysis and sustainable resource use

Environmental Costs and Benefits of Aggregate Extraction
Client: DETR
Location: UK
Gil Yaron managed this study for London Economics.  At the time it was the largest contingent valuation study undertaken in Europe and involved working with a large number of academic advisers.  The study identifies full range of environmental impacts and uses focus group work, contingent valuation and hedonic pricing techniques across a number of representative sites (as well as benefit transfer) to estimate environmental costs and benefits.

Assessing the opportunity for a bio-fuel in the UK and Europe
Client: Shell Global Solutions
Location: UK
Combining social and environmental science for Shell – we undertook a study that looks at the opportunities for an agricultural by-product as the raw material for a biofuel.  This involved combining the results of qualitative, in-depth interviews with farmers with scientific analysis and computer modelling. GYA provided the social science and technical skills but also was asked to manage a project for a multi-national client that required contracting leading scientific institutions for specific inputs.

Global Environment Facility Proposal for India SLEM GEF project 
Client: World Bank.  Agriculture and Rural Development South Asia / Environment and Social Sciences Dept. South Asia.
Location: US
Working on behalf of two departments of The World Bank (the Agriculture and Rural Development and the Environment and Social Sciences Department).  GYA developed an investment proposal ($20M) on behalf of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) that would leverage a project the National Agricultural Innovation Project ($250M) under development by the Indian Government and WB.  This assignment involved identifying the added value through additional environmental benefits that could be achieved through GEF funding.

Financial and economic analysis of forest, plantation and small-scale farming land-use options in South-west Cameroon 
Client: Dfid
Location: Cameroon
Financial and economic costs and benefits are estimated using a total economic value approach.  Economic analysis includes estimation of direct and indirect use values and existence values for each land use.  Costs and benefits are considered at the local, national and global level to identify current incentives for sustainable land use and future policy options.

Co-authoring a manual on economics for community-based forest management 
Client: Dfid.
Location: Multi-country
In addition to the writing this involved contributing to training workshops for forestry sector professionals in Ghana and Nicaragua. 

Economic appraisal of proposed poverty reduction and environmental improvement pilot projects in rural China 
Client: Dfid.
Location: China
This involved economic appraisal of re-afforestation, fruit and nut tree plantations and improved agricultural practices in Yunnan Province.  The task involved working with local government to identify data sources and subsequent data analysis

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