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Gil Yaron

I founded GYA in 1994 after working in economic consultancy (for NERA and London Economics) and in research (for Oxford University).

My academic background is in economics and applied econometrics with a doctorate from Oxford University.  This got me involved in using quantitative analysis to address policy issues - an interest I have maintained since then. 


Working extensively with social development specialists and using case studies to illustrate issues ranging from the impact of privatisation to the gains to farmers from soil organic matter management has given me a great respect for the role of qualitative data in understanding process and context - the "how" and "why" part of the story.  The skills I bring to projects include an understanding of how best to combine qualitative and quantitative methods and to achieve effective multi-disciplinary working.

Much of my work experience relates to sustainable development in both developing and industrialised countries.  I have co-authored books on development, renewable energy and the economics of participatory forestry, for example.  I also have worked with private companies, government and donor agencies and NGOs and enjoy the challenge of communicating effectively across cultures.

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